A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a galactic empire in a heated battle with another empire. Both of you are trying to colonize and conquer a new solar system you've stumbled upon. Don't let them take your home planet while you eradicate their bases and units


WASD - Move

Shift - Hold to move faster

Mouse - Look and interact

Click - Select planets

Left Ctrl + Left Click and Drag - Select ships

Created by a team of two: FlyWolfe and Meladrei

All assets created by us during the Blackthornprod Game Jam #2


The Last Battle - Final.zip 117 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run "The Last Battle.exe"


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Watch Blackthornprod GAME JAM #2 | Part 1 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv

Damn, that looks cool! Good Job

(p.s. maybe change the default unity UI textures in the options menu to custom made ones.)